Restraints and fittings

Restraints Fittings

G Force Automotive is an authorised restraint fitting station and is also able to modify vehicles to fit and install child restraint anchorages, approved child restraint anchorage systems, additional seat belts as well as other related projects and modifications.

We are an authorised baby seat restraint fitting station in NSW. As well as being able to install child restraints and fittings we are also an authorised installer of seat belts and seat belt fittings.

At G Force Automotive we are able to install 2-Point and 3-Point seatbelts in accordance to the Australian Standards as well as Australian Design Rules and regulations. We are also able to fit seatbelts in almost any vehicle, ranging from regular cars to entire bus fit outs, with any seatbelt fitment. We also provide engineering certification of the fitments. Additionally we are able to provide engineering certification for seatbelts on imported vehicles and pre-ADR manufactured vehicles.

At G Force Automotive we believe that in order to enjoy a car, it has to be a safe car, from fitting and certifying your child restraints and also fitting safety belts and behavioural restraints. We are also approved to fit all mounting devices into utilities and vans. We can also fit mounting points where there are none. Some of these may need a compliance certificate which we can issue.